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Technology and Human Resources

Human Resources Management

Recent times have seen a technological transformation in business processes, especially in how businesses in various industries are recruiting, retaining and appraising talent. The future of technology is strongly influenced

and shaped by Artificial Intelligence (AI); from sourcing to screening to integration to L&D solutions, each stage in the recruitment and human capital development process is witnessing the use of technology. Recruitment and retaining of talent is always a top priority for companies. future ready organizations around the world have already started adopting technology as a tool to make better decisions and raising future ready workforce. Artificial intelligence has enabled the recruitment process to take better decisions through technology backed analysis based on current and future needs of organizations and capabilities of the candidates. LEAD Resources focus on creating competent human capital, integrating technology with human resource, supporting businesses to source and screen high talent through technology to aid companies in becoming future ready organizations hiring effectively and efficiently a future ready workforce using world class technology tools, practices, techniques and principles that are world class.