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LEAD Resources Collaborates with Ogun Tech Hub to Conduct SDGs Solutions Convergence

SDGs Solutions Convergence is a programme adopted by Ogun State Bureau of Information Technology, in collaboration with LEAD Resources, to train Civil Servants from various Ministries on how to identify problems, and proffer and implement relevant solutions in their Ministries.

Two editions of the SDGs Solutions Convergence have been facilitated by LEAD Resources at Ogun Tech Hub. The Solutions Convergences covered an introduction to the Sustainable Development Goals, the application of Design Thinking in Problem Solving, and the need to leverage emerging technologies to generate relevant solutions.

Last week, a dry run of the previous Solutions Convergence was facilitated by LEAD Resources at Ogun Tech Hub. This was done to equip the staff of the Bureau of Information Technology (BIT) with the knowledge required to conduct a Solutions Convergence for the Ministry of Finance and the Auditor General’s Office. Simply put, the dry run was aimed at “training the trainers.”

Facilitator (Marcellus Nwankwo) and Participants of the SDGs Solutions Convergence Dry Run at Ogun Tech Hub

The dry run held for two days. On the first day, the participants of the dry run were reminded of what they were taught in the previous Solutions Convergence. They were given extra materials and tips for effective training. They were also taught how to carry participants along when conducting their Solutions Convergence for the Ministry of Finance and the Auditor General’s Office.

On the second day, the participants of the dry run were divided into three teams to conduct a test Solutions Convergence by themselves. By so doing, the areas for improvements were spotted for corrections. At the end of the dry run, the participants saw the need to put more effort into preparing for the Solutions Convergence for maximum output and solutions generation.

Participants of the SDGs Solutions Convergence Dry Run at Ogun Tech Hub

At LEAD Resources, we pride ourselves as solutions architects that seek to contribute to the achievement of the Global Goals by proactively identifying opportunities, stimulating innovations, and generating solutions to problems/challenges in our polity.

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Oluwatobiloba Dairo is an Associate Solutions Architect at LEAD Resources, where she is exploring a rapid Knowledge Acquisition path, building digitized competencies relevant for Career Development, and stimulating solutions for individuals, organizations, and the Government. She is a graduate of Mathematics and an advocate of women in Leadership. She is interested in Financial and Data Analysis.

Human Capital Development Technology and Innovation

The Core Offering of LEAD Resources: Digital Economy Emerging Managers’ (DEEM) Programme

ABOUT LEAD Resources

LEAD Resources is a strategic human capital development social enterprise with a focus on governance, enterprise and technology hinged on generating opportunities, stimulating innovation and creating solutions to address challenges in the polity.


The Digital Economy Emerging Managers’ (DEEM) programme is LEAD Resources’ intensive 3-month internship for graduates designed to equip them with practical knowledge of and competencies for the Digital Economy.

The DEEM programme provides measurable on-the-job training that yields performance allowances and commissions during the internship. The DEEM programme is the core offering of LEAD Resources.

The DEEM programme aims to develop talented youths by providing:

  • Awareness of the Digital Economy
  • Talent management
  • Industry-based projects
  • Guided work experience
  • Wholesome mentorship
  • Networking opportunities
  • Advocacy and ambassador opportunities


Listed below are some of LEAD Resources’ partners offering business development, project management and executive assistance jobs. The DEEM programme provides a fast-track, intensive training to equip participants with the competencies required for the jobs below (and many more).

  • An Oxygen Production Plant: This facility is at construction stage and will be commissioned in Ogun state. The plant aims to supply sufficient oxygen to health institutions in Ogun state and environs.
  • A United States Health Diagnostics Device Company: This company seeks a digital health diagnostics representative to interface with hospitals, health management organisations and high-net-worth-individuals that require personalized healthcare.
  • A Precious Metals Buying Platform: This technology platform seeks regulators to manage transactions for solid minerals in Lagos while interfacing with the executives and service maintenance developers in Abeokuta.
  • A Domestic Gas Production and Marketing Plant: This company seeks executive assistants for profiling and accountability duties.
  • A Tertiary Education Management Platform: This platform seeks innovators and developers for:
    • A locally and internationally certified blended learning platform.
    • A robust university management platform.
    • An internationally recognized online assessment platform.



This is the first phase which occurs during the first 5 weeks of the DEEM programme. It comprises a set of introductory classes and tutelage training on the following:

  • Introduction to LEAD Resources, our partners and projects
  • Introduction to LEAD Resources’ collaboration platforms
  • Mercer/Mettl personality profiling
  • Video-based reflections
  • Questions and answers
  • Digital Economy Competency roadmap learning
  • Delivery of 9 DEEM modules: Here, the competencies required for the Digital Economy are taught extensively in 9 modules by world-class facilitators who are professionals in these fields. The classes are highly engaging as all participants are required to share their views, lessons learnt and practical applications to real-life situations.


PRINCIPLES Character Entrepreneurship Digital Economy Principles
PRACTICES Financial Literacy Business Models & Digital Transformation Emerging Technology
TOOLS Talent Management Digital Social Business Data Science & AI
GOALS CITI – Creative, Intelligent, Talented, Innovative Disruptive Leapfrog, Enabled, Valuable, Leverage, Scales
  1. Character –  This is the first course in the DEEM programme. Here, the participants learn, unlearn and relearn the pillars of character and the proper work ethics to breakthrough, thrive and retain relevance in the 21st century.
  2. Financial Literacy – This is a course wherein the participants are equipped with the knowledge and skills to effectively manage and grow personal and organizational financial resources. They are given insights into principles and measures for making the best decisions towards the achievement of financial goals.
  3. Talent Management In this course, the profile, skills and brand of each participant are objectively assessed. This is to the end that the participants reposition themselves (showcase their strengths and work on their weaknesses) while morphing into competent players in the Digital Economy.
  4. Entrepreneurship – Here, participants are enlightened on the principles of value creation and exchange. They are educated on the fundamentals of starting, sustaining and scaling organizations in the Digital Economy.
  5. Business Models & Digital Transformation – In this course, participants are given insights on harnessing technology for optimal business performance in the Digital Age. They are taught how to create digital business models.
  6. Digital Social Business – Here, participants learn how to acquire, build and retain customer relationships across various media channels so as to sell value and achieve desired goals. They are taught how to collect and harness big data for big profit.
  7. Digital Economy Principles – This course provides participants with guidelines and measures for operating as competent players in an economy that is driven by digital technologies. Participants are taught to play in the global economy regardless of the apparent limitations of their immediate environment.
  8. Emerging Technologies – This course introduces participants to the world of novel technologies such as Augmented Reality and Internet of Things to the end that participants learn to leverage them to be at the forefront of the Digital Economy.
  9. Data Science and Artificial Intelligence – The 21st century has presented the world with the 4th Industrial Revolution wherein data is king. Participants are taught how to harness big data so as to predict future outcomes and simulate desired customer experiences in any venture.


This is the second phase which occurs between the sixth week and tenth week of the DEEM programme. It involves the practical application of all principles learnt and competencies gained in the first phase of the programme hence deepening the learning experience. It covers the following:

  • Digital Economy Competency tasks and activities
  • Acquisition of professional badges and certifications
  • Individual and collaborative assignments within the organization
  • Engagement in internal projects of LEAD Resources for real work experience
  • Interaction, consultancy sessions and submission of feedback to facilitators


This is the third phase which occurs between the eleventh week and twelfth week of the DEEM programme. This is the period for the review and assessment of all the competencies gained. Here:

  • The performance of each participant is assessed and recorded
  • A Mercer/Mettl learning and development assessment is carried out
  • Each participant is required to develop a personal action plan for career and/or business by the application of new knowledge and tools


This is the fourth phase which occurs during the 13th week of the DEEM programme. Here, each participant is guided into an appropriate career path. This phase provides the following:

  • An online forum for mentorship by facilitators and interaction with peers
  • Lifetime access to all lecture materials (recordings, lecture notes and books)
  • After graduation, retention of successful participants or referral to our partners and clients


DEEM is designed for graduates who have completed the mandatory NYSC year or will complete it in about 2 months. Therefore, the minimum qualifications are:

  • Bachelor’s Degree or HND equivalent
  • NYSC call up letter or certificate

Other requirements include:

  • Proficiency in the use of Microsoft Office Suite and the Internet.
  • Proficiency in the use of English language (spoken and written).
  • Learning agility and zeal to upskill.
  • Critical thinking and stress management.
  • Ability to work under minimum supervision.
  • Communication and presentation skills.
  • Ability to handle confidential matters.
  • Ability to develop SMART goals and prioritize accordingly.
  • A good laptop and smartphone.


To apply for the DEEM internship:

  1. Register via the link:
  2. Submit your CV and cover letter (letter of motivation) through the registration form.
  3. Note that the deadline for submission (for the third batch of participants) is 11:59 pm on Friday, 25th September 2020.
  4. Anticipate the response of the organization if shortlisted.

N.B: LEAD Resources is equal opportunity employer hence applicants of all genders, religions and races are encouraged to apply.

Got questions? Visit our DEEM webpage here.

Technology and Innovation

LEAD Resources: The Dukia Gold Journey


Dukia Gold is a precious metals transaction platform developed to provide holistic solutions to the myriads of challenges in the solid mineral industry in Nigeria. It is available for download at Google Play Store.


Nigeria has suffered endemic corruption in virtually every sector and sphere. Daily, many are churned out of the system with a couple of disadvantages that propel them to descend into the pit of corruption and wickedness against their fellow men. However, there are always a select few who have hearts to fight lawlessness in their spheres of influence. This Dukia Gold is a contribution of such people.

The state-of-the-art solution was developed to introduce transparency and order into Nigeria’s precious metals industry, especially as it pertains to gold. The solution automates transactions from end-to-end such that all stakeholders benefit expressly and accordingly.

This is a contribution of Dukia Gold team and Heritage Bank.


Dukia Gold was born of another platform. It was not created with the intention to take the world by storm as it were; it was developed to be a proof of concept by a group of young, local developers. The solution which opened the way for the development of Dukia Gold is called Hamora.

Hamora is the premiere online, socio-cultural platform which aggregates the culture and heritage of Ogun state. It is a crowd-sourcing platform which allows for indigenes of the state to share their own content in history, artifacts, commerce, business, projects, festivals and related socio-cultural topics. The Hamora platform was developed between October and December, 2019 by the Technology and Innovation team of LEAD Resources, Marcellus Nwankwo and Ayo Lala.

After development, Hamora was showcased to the Digital Advisory Economy Group. The Chairman of the Digital Advisory Economy Group (the Former MD. of Chams Technology, Lagos), Mr. Williams, appreciated the thought process, the work process, the delivery of the presentation and the potential of the platform.

Mr. Williams verified the true creators of the Hamora platform to be “local web developers,” the Technology and Innovation team of LEAD Resources, Marcellus Nwankwo and Ayo Lala. In the moment, he suggested to the Chief Solutions Architect of LEAD Resources, Mr. Kehinde Sogunle, that another application be developed, one that he envisioned would be ground-breaking, proving that such a thing can be created by Nigerian youths.

Thereafter, a formal meeting was held where they discussed the scope of what the young developers were to accomplish and in no time, work started. It started out as a proof of concept as the developers presented a minimum viable product within two weeks. In no time, this minimum viable product became a product that was sought for by major stakeholders.

The developers thereafter had to review and deepen the platform. This led to the collaboration of the Dukia Gold team with Heritage Bank Plc. The work process for Dukia Gold is such that it incorporates the transactional and storage facilities of a bank, which of course is now Heritage Bank Plc.

Dukia Gold was launched on the 9th of June, 2020 by 9 am via Zoom – Meet and Chat. In attendance were over 425 guests including stakeholders such as:

Dukia Gold
The Launch of Dukia Gold
  • The Vice President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, His Excellency, Professor Yemi Osinbajo, SAN, GCON;
  • The Minister of Mines & Steel Development, Arc. Olamilekan Adegbite;
  • The Minister of State, Mines & Steel Development, Dr. Uchechukwu Ogah;
  • The Minister of Finance, Budget & National Planning, Mrs. Zainab Ahmed;
  • The Minister of Industry, Trade & Investment, Otunba Adeniyi Adebayo;
  • The Executive Governor, Ekiti state, Mr. Kayode Fayemi;
  • The Chairman, Heritage Bank, Jani Ibrahim;
  • The Managing Director, Heritage Bank, Mr. Ifie Sakibo;
  • The Managing Director, Dukia Gold & Precious Metals Refining Co. Ltd, Mrs. Bose Owolabi;
  • The Managing Director, NEXIM Bank;
  • The Managing Director, Lagos Commodities & Futures Exchange (LCFE), Mr. Akin Akeredolu-Ale;
  • The Managing Director, PAC Capital, Mr. Humphrey Oriakhi;
  • The Managing Director, NewWaves Ecosystem, Mr. Femi Williams;
  • The Executive Secretary, Solid Mineral Development Fund, Mrs. Hajiyaf Fatima Shinkefi;
  • The Director, Global Head, Advisory and Capital Markets, AFREXIM Bank, Mr. Ibrahim Sagna;
  • The Chief Solutions Architect, LEAD Resources, Mr. Kehinde Sogunle;

Amongst many other relevant stakeholders!


Dukia Gold comprises all the necessary tools for a seller to begin and complete transactions. First, the application is downloaded from Google Play Store and installed accordingly. After installation, the user is prompted to complete a registration process.

Sellers can register in Non-Licensed category as:

  1. Artisanal Miner
  2. Aggregator
  3. Recycled Gold Seller (such as housewives and gold owners)

Sellers can register in Licensed category as:

  1. Small-scale miners
  2. Tier 1
  3. Large-scare miners

Thereafter, registration is complete!

The application intelligently engages in Know Your Customer (KYC) verification using facial recognition technology against Bank Verification Number (BVN), thereby verifying accounts for sellers, real time. A unique DUKIA membership code is created after successful registration. Subsequent log in to the application is via facial recognition, fingerprint or password.

After log in, the user is taken to the home page which contains the tools for all transactions. The miner or seller then proceeds to any of the buying centres at Heritage Bank nationwide to sell his or her gold. The miner or seller initiates the transaction on the mobile app.

The buying centres are equipped with sophisticated electronic weighing scale and X-ray Fluorescence (XRF) devices which give undisputed certificate of quality with the percentage of gold and other elements in the sample. The seller is attended to by a world-class precious metals assay and evaluation expert.

After evaluation of the sample, the seller consents to the offer and Heritage bank credits the sellers’ account electronically. The gold sample is packaged in a tamper-proof bag for vaulting and onward processing and subsequent storage in a bank vault.

The platform complies with all relevant local and international standards such as OECD, OBMA, Responsible Gold Buying and NDPR guidelines. It is thoroughly user-friendly and proudly Nigerian.

This Dukia-Gold application has taken the solid mineral industry in Nigeria by storm and gradually, its relevance is spreading beyond the shores of the nation, just like a dream!

Entrepreneurship Technology and Innovation

LEAD Resources to Sign an MOU with Venture Garden Group

Venture Garden Group (VGG) is a leading provider of innovative, data-driven, end-to-end technology platforms created to solve real socio-economic challenges in impact sectors critical to sustainable economic development. LEAD Resources, which has a vision to be the indisputable knowledge leadership and real solutions provider out of Africa, sought to merge forces with VGG to birth more progress in the economy of Ogun state.

On the 25th of February, 2020, LEAD Resources held a meeting with the management of Venture Garden Group. In attendance were the Chief Solutions Architect of LEAD Resources, Mr. Kehinde Sogunle, the Managing Director and CEO of Highland Energy Solutions Services Limited, Dr. Sogunle, Associate Solutions Architect of LEAD Resources, Obot Essiet Jr., Associate Solutions Architect of LEAD Resources, Oyebola Simeon, CEO of kkkkk, Mr. Kingsley amongst other reputable fellows. The meeting took place at the Conference Room of Venture Gardens Group, Ikeja, Lagos.

During the meeting, the Deputy Chief Technology Officer of Venture Garden Group rendered a welcome address, briefly introducing the software company. He stated that they were in the business of converting “data to cash.” He expatiated on the services, products and achievements of the company, such as their EduTech platform, E-Health platform as well as their virtual internship programme for ICT enthusiasts wherein they are actively involved in grooming over 1200 interns.

The Chief Solutions Architect of LEAD Resources was given the floor and he discussed the various human capital development and social enterprise projects that LEAD Resources has engaged in and continues to engage in fiercely. He emphasized on how Venture Garden Group can be established and scale aggressively in Abeokuta via strategic collaboration with Ogun Tech Hub. Many opportunities were reeled out to promote the services and products of Venture Garden Group so as develop human capital on a wider scale as well as to make profit.

In conclusion, LEAD Resources, Ogun Tech Hub and Venture Gardens Group decided to collaborate, sign a Memorandum of Understanding and kick-start partnership for the greater good, human capital development.

Technology and Innovation

LEAD Resources Creates “Hamora,” Ogun State’s Premiere Online Socio-cultural Platform

LEAD Resources was awarded a contract to design and develop the premiere online, socio-cultural platform for Ogun state by the Digital Economy Advisory Group (DEAG). This platform would serve as the “Wikipedia for everything Ogun.”

Between October and December 2019, all hands were on deck as regards this project. All Associates of LEAD Resources actively contributed their quota to the development of this platform as coordinated by the Technology and Innovation team of LEAD Resources, Marcellus Nwankwo and Ayo Lala.

This platform was named, “Hamora.” This name is a derivative of the Yoruba word, “Amǫrawa,” meaning, “We know who we are.” This depicts that via this platform, the people of Ogun state can contribute and harness relevant information about their past in order to create a better future.

Hamora is a crowdsourcing platform which allows for the indigenes of the state to share their own content about history, artifacts, commerce, business, projects, festivals and related socio-cultural topics. This will enhance the participation of all classes of indigenes of Ogun state and ensure the promotion of the core values of Ogun state. Of course, other states may subscribe to this development too!

In a nutshell, the aim of Hamora platform is identifying, creating, managing, proposing and promoting a single and harmonized platform for exhibiting interphase between social and cultural activities that affect the daily lives of individuals in the state.

The objectives for developing the Hamora platform include:

  • Acquiring data on the history, heritage and other socio-cultural aspects of Ogun state from certified and trusted sources.
  • Identifying the fundamental, cultural practices and heritage of Ogun state so as to create an ecosystem to facilitate the growth of the people’s identity.
  • Aggregating, structuring and facilitating the growth of Ogun state’s heritage for effective value communication and exchange.
  • Harnessing previous, current and upcoming tools, techniques and technology for promoting social and cultural practices in the state.

The Hamora platform is ready and will be launched soon. Stay tuned!

Technology and Innovation

LEAD Resources Hosts Data Science and Machine Learning Course

LEAD Resources, Nigeria’s Strategic Human Capital Development Social Enterprise, partnered with Data Science Nigeria to empower the youths with hands-on skills to compete favourably in the global market.

Seeing as education is an indispensable tool in human capital development, one of the ways of truly empowering a people is by delivering relevant trainings to the youths per time.

Hence, LEAD Resources, in conjunction with Ogun Tech Hub and Data Science Nigeria, hosted a 6-week intensive Data Science course titled “Introduction to Python and Machine Learning” at Kobape, Ogun state.

At the beginning of the training, the Chief Solutions Architect of LEAD Resources, Mr. Kehinde Sogunle rendered a welcome address, admonishing all aspiring Data Scientists to maximize the opportunity given them to learn Data Science, Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence.

He emphasized the relevance of these skills in the world today and the corresponding irrelevance of many organizations that have failed to acquire and engage such practical, digital knowledge.

During the course, the participants were introduced to “Kaggle,” the “Facebook for Data Scientists,” where they interacted with real industry data sets with the aim of acquiring ranked proficiency in optimizing data.

They were given access to a 4-terabyte knowledge box containing Data Science videos, e-books and data sets. Also, participants who performed excellently in optimizing real industry data sets were given the premiere Beginners’ Artificial Intelligence book in Africa.

In line with LEAD Resources’ value of learning, a host of her Solutions Architects took advantage of the training. For example, Lead Solutions Architect, Mr. Olusanya (Former Rector, Adegbenro ICT Polytechnic, Abeokuta) was in attendance.

LEAD Resources Partners with Data Science Nigeria
Associate Solutions Architects, LEAD Resources

Other Associate Solutions Architects such as Mr. Oyebola Simeon, Mr. Itua Emmanuel, Mr. Osadiaye Paul and Miss Ogundare Oluwabunmi also maximized the 6-week intensive course.

Technology and Innovation

LEAD Resources Consults for CrownBirth Ltd.

In line with our Market Adoption and Sustainable Implementation of Technology Solutions (MASITS) initiative, LEAD Resources, together with YANI Solutions International, has become the Management Consultant for CrownBirth Ltd.

CrownBirth is one of the fastest growing EdTech companies in Nigeria strategically positioned to revolutionize the education system using technology. The company is owned by Ademola Adenubi, the Acting Director, Information and Communications Technology, Tai Solarin University of Education, Ijagun, Ijebu Ode, Ogun state.

CrownBirth has developed two proprietary, scalable web portal technology solutions that have the potential to transform the entire management of higher education starting from Ogun state.

CrownBirth Solution: Tertiary Academic Management System (TAMS)

The first solution is called Tertiary Academic Management System (TAMS), a custom-developed and scalable Education Management Information System that models the generic information, requirements and processes of Nigerian tertiary education system.

Logo for Tertiary Academic Management System (TAMS), CrownBirth
Tertiary Academic Management System (TAMS)

TAMS digitizes virtually every aspect of the tertiary education administration system such as admissions, course registrations, payments, result processing to transcript.

The TAMS interface displays the profiles of users alongside the breakdown of their academic units thereby providing a platform for interaction alongside other core functionalities.

The core functionalities of TAMS include:

PAYMENTS – Integration with registered payment gateway to allow online payment of all fees through secured channel. The application:

  • Supports integration of separate payment gateway for different payment schedules.
  • Allows payment instalments (in percentages) for different payment schedules.
  • Checks students’ payment status and debt profile and implements penalty condition for late payments.
  • Generates payment receipts in pdf format with QR code to enhance security.
  • Provides statistics and analytics of payments across student levels & departments.

ADMISSIONS – Online processing of application form with integration of automatic O’Level verification system. The application:

  • Supports multiple online admissions and application batches to run concurrently.
  • Integrates automatic O’level result (WAEC, NECO & NABTEB) verification system using web crawler technology.
  • Provides online administrative platform to process admission status and activate printing of personalized admission letter and clearance forms.
  • Provides real-time admissions statistics and analytics of applicants across departments.

REGISTRATION –  Provides platform for course registration by students based on curriculum for each programme of study. The application:

  • Generates registration form for students with internal advice on course curriculum.
  • Provides internal check for allowable minimum and maximum registration units.
  • Generates exam pass for students and attendance sheet for lecturers based on course registration information.
  • Integrates staff adviser module to edit and approve course registration.
  • Allocates courses to lecturers which connects to student registration list and authorizes result upload.

RESULT PROCESSING – Internal processing of results based on sessional grading parameters to generate students’ transcripts. The application:

  • Allows lecturers to upload e-copy of results based on course allocation data.
  • Provides printable format of standardized scoresheet for file or archival copy.
  • Possesses an internal mechanism for result computation and considerations.
  • Publishes results in individual student profile.
  • Generates of ‘broad-sheet’, ‘summary-sheet’ and transcript of students’ academic records.

Since 2013, TAMS has been used by tertiary institutions in Ogun state such as:

  • Tai Solarin University of Education, Ijagun
  • Abraham Adesanya Polytechnic, Ijebu Igbo
  • DS Adegbenro Polytechnic, Itori
  • Tai Solarin College of Education, Omu

CrownBirth Solution: Primary and Secondary School Academic Management System (PSAMS)

The second solution is PSAMS EduPortal, an integrated Primary & Secondary School Academic Management System. This is the ultimate school enterprise resource planning (ERP) software for primary & secondary schools.

Basically, it is designed to take over basic school management processes such as admission, fee management, result management, human resource management, user management and timetable management.

Basic Features of Primary and Secondary School Academic Management System (PSAMS), CrownBirth

In order to improve accountability and efficiency, PSAMS engages all the major stakeholders of primary and secondary school education such as the principal, faculty, management, parents, government, administrative staff and students.

Seeing that LEAD Resources is now the official Management Consultant for CrownBirth Ltd., we have been equipped to give professional advice on all CrownBirth’s software product(s). To subscribe to either or both of these innovations, contact us we will guide you step-by-step.