Responsibility is a germane quality in a human’s personality.

Responsibility is simply “doing the right thing.” Doing the right thing means living a life where you bear the consequences of every action you take while keeping others in mind. Responsibility is the moral quality of individuals being ethical, accountable for their actions, and conscious of the impact of their decisions on society.

People are not born with a sense of responsibility. Being responsible does not happen magically by the snap of the fingers. It is a quality that people should cultivate until it becomes part of their personalities.

It encompasses personal and professional development. A successful person must be responsible for his future. He must be a man of his words and a go-getter. When you are responsible, you become a better person and gain the respect of others.


Answer the following questions with a “Yes” or a “No”.

  1. Do you always fulfil your promises to others?
  2. Do others consider you as a reliable person?
  3. Do you have long-term goals for your life?
  4. Do you take practical steps to develop yourself?
  5. Do you help others to solve their problems?

If your correct answers to the questions above were “Yes”, you are a responsible person. If you answered “No” to any of these questions, you have areas to develop to become more responsible.


  1. Develop yourself.
  2. Constantly work towards your life goals.
  3. Be reliable. Start from simple things like fulfilling little promises to others. You may write your tasks in order not to forget them.
  4. Control yourself in different situations. The ways you respond to situations prove your level of maturity and responsibility.
  5. Help others.

Everyone has different interpretations of responsibility and different kinds of responsibilities. However, resolve to perform your responsibilities in life, and be responsible, as irresponsible people are always liabilities in the long run.


Folakemi Oyeyemi is an Associate Solutions Architect at Lead Resources, a strategic human capital development social enterprise that helps organizations become the best they can be using world-class tools and practices. She is a Mathematician and is also passionate about entrepreneurship.

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