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TARTI – Turning Academic Research to Innovation

Dear Nigerian Youth,

After project defense, what next? What happens to the project that you toiled day and night to write before earning your degree? What happens to the conclusion, recommendations and areas for further study?

If your answer is what I think, spot on! It is general knowledge that in most tertiary institutions in Nigeria, after project defense, all copies of project work are stacked and locked up in the departmental resource centre or school library. 15 years later, certain officials burn them for good in other to create space for new ones.

The aftermath of this course of action is more saddening that the action itself. Asides the fact that the student and lecturer went through undue stress, research which should have been adopted, funded and utilized for economic sustenance and national development is lost in the annals of history. In an age where information rules the world, a people that shun enlightenment will remain oppressed. Hence, the ripple effect of this course of action may be the bondage of an entire family, town, nation or continent. For how long, Nigerian Youth?

For this cause, LEAD Resources has initiated a project called TARTI – Turning Academic Research to Innovation. TARTI is an accelerator programme for young, talented graduates who desire to turn their academic research to start-ups. TARTI is designed to encourage innovation in the educational sector, increase the promotion of local content in Nigeria, reduce unemployment among Nigerian youths and lead to economic sustenance and national development.

The TARTI Process

The TARTI process involves the following steps:

  • Registration of talented graduates.
  • Evaluation of academic research or project.
  • Incubation of innovative projects and project owners.
  • Modeling and piloting of innovations in the marketplace.
  • Scaling of innovations for the economic sustenance and national development.

Benefits of TARTI

  • Mentorship.
  • Networking.
  • Business Enterprise Training (BET).
  • Funding support.
  • Access to market.

LEAD Resources champions this cause in conjunction with the owner of the project, tertiary institutions, professional bodies and angel investors. We believe that the answers to our indigenous problems are hidden in your project. If discovered, funded and scaled, your project can birth innovation, wealth creation and national development for our country. Why not join us to TARTI now?

You may send us an email at or register for TARTI here. Your dreams could become a reality! Godspeed.

Best regards,

LEAD Resources.


We hosted a solutions assembly on October 2nd 2020 on the way forward as regards TARTI. If you would like to know more about the plans to make your dreams a reality, read the communique of the solutions assembly here or watch the replay of the communique on YouTube. Enjoy!



LEAD Resources partners’ Mercer/Mettl to provide assessment solutions for hiring, training and development, and enable recruiting and L&D (Learning and Development) easy, time effective and cost efficient.

Mettl is an online platform that provide skills assessments for corporate clients and individuals for hiring and training and development. Mettl provides a pre-existing testing library and also customized test for specific needs of the employer. Mettl proctoring technology enables cheating preventions using facials and keystrokes recognition to verify the test taker and monitor candidates using the webcam.

LEAD Resources partnering with Mercer/Mettl is to connect the right talents to the right companies because conventional interviews are getting replaced with digital assessment tools. Mettl assessment provides skills assessment, proctoring and online assessments such as 360-degree assessment, psychometric tests, domain tests, coding tests, hackathons, cognitive tests, speech proficiency tests, L&D solutions and many other battery of tests to make human development, recruiting and profiling a meaningful and easy experience for companies to identify the right employee and individuals to become better version of themselves




The conference started at exactly 2:30pm and the participants (Obot Essiet, Aminat Rabiu, Khadijat Oyedumade and Bunmi Ibironke) briefed the project members about the previous meeting outcomes and details of Abeokuta Business School (ABS)

The following are what were discussed at the brainstorming session.


Date: Tuesday, 24th March 2020

Venue: Abeokuta Business School

Time: 10am-1pm

The cost implications were shared between ABS and Lead resources i.e., all the necessary arrangement to be taken care of at the planned Free Seminars for the program and they are as follows:

Abeokuta Business School Lead resources
Fliers Facilitators
Venue Marketing

Also, it was discussed that there should be a deadline for the registration of the free seminar in order to plan ahead and as well as to know the total number of participants that will be coming for the seminar and the date selected was 17th of March.

Marketing and Data collection: it was discussed at the conference that the participant’s data will be collected from ABS Database, Government ministries and parastatals, Private organizations and banking Industries.

Also, the channels for marketing the seminar include: social media platforms, Emails, ABS Database, Fliers, WhatsApp broadcast and Bulk SMS.

Data Collection – this will be done through the use of Google Forms which the link will be sent to the participants through the various channels for proper planning and registration of the participants.

The Agenda for the event, logistics as well as the theme were discussed while the key note speakers were left for K.S to decide on.

At the end of the brainstorm, Aminat Rabiu delegated the task to Obot Essiet to Develop the concept notes and Bunmi Ibironke to make social media post on or before Friday.



The SMEsabi is an E- learning platform that enables Africa entrepreneurs build capacity for starting and/or scaling their businesses. The SMEsabi courses and modules were developed through the combined effort of a team of professional business trainers/coaches and ICT consultants with GIZ SEDIN support in collaboration with FUT Minna and Lead Resources.

Some of the courses available on the platform are: Business Model Canvas, Business Planning, market and Marketing, Access to Finance, and Record Keeping. After the completion of these courses, you will take a programme assessment which grants you access to a certificate as well as ability to make profitable entrepreneurship decisions.

Taking these courses will go a long way to improve the way SMEs handle businesses. The SMEsabi courses and modules were developed through the combined work of a team of professional business trainers/coaches and ICT consultants with GIZ-SEDIN support in collaboration with FUT Minna and Lead Resources.

The development of SMEsabi was coordinated by GOPA consultants, as part of a contract to develop interactive training materials for MSMEs and start-ups on behalf of GIZ-SEDIN.



Lead resources popularly known as the first hub in Ogun state has finally taken a giant step to partner with the world largest entrepreneurship organization of Africa’s Young Entrepreneurs (A.Y.E).

The Lead Resources Chief Solution Architect, Mr. Kehinde Sogunle expects this partnership to support Africa entrepreneurs, adding more positive attributes to their businesses such as Business Growth, Access to Financing, Pitching of Business Ideas to Investors, having a bankable Business Plan, having more opportunities to monitor their businesses from startup to scale up and be able to create jobs for job seekers.

All these have been packaged in a product called AFRIPRENEUR TOOLKIT, which encompasses the aforementioned attribute. Proposed to be a Master Class Training (Boot camp) for the entrepreneurs in supporting the Mission One Million Entrepreneurs (M1ME) Scholarship initiative run by A.Y.E

A.Y.E operational manager (Mr. Paul) and Deputy National Head of A.Y.E (Mr. Edward) were on seat for the partnership discussion. Mr. Paul said the partnership is a welcomed initiative that will bring about more changes to the organization.

In addition to the meeting it was suggested that the partnership with Lead Resources will be effective to pilot A.Y.E members; starting from southwest Nigeria, likewise enrolling the entrepreneurs on the First Entrepreneurs Trust Fund platform proposed to help them save and invest more in their business as entrepreneurs.