Healthy Lifestyle

Maintaining a Healthy Lifestyle

There is no doubt that the year 2020 is full of many peculiarities and challenges which have affected the way we carry out our day-to-day activities. Because there are more problems than usual, there is a tendency for it to take a toll on our health. It’s important that amidst all this, we do not neglect our health. As the saying goes, “HEALTH IS WEALTH.”   

Here are a few tips by Kyle Melerski to maintain a healthy lifestyle:

  1. Exercise Daily: Exercise for at least an hour every day. You do not have to “kill yourself” by running, jogging, etc. however you should engage in moderate physical activity in your day-to-day operations. Ensure you stay hydrated and stretch after a workout.
  2. Eat the Right Foods and Portion Each Meal:  It’s important to control the quantity of food consumed on a daily basis. Also, try to stay away from sweets. Fruits and vegetables are the best foods to get in shape and maintain your health. Whenever you workout, eat foods with a decent amount of protein.
  3. Keep Track of Calories Consumed Per Day: Determine your total calorie needs and measure the number of calories you consume. This can be done by using a calorie calculator. If you desire to maintain your weight, ensure your calorie needs and calorie intake match but if you desire to lose some weight, consume lesser calories. Eat responsibly!
  4. Get Enough Sleep: To recharge the body’s batteries and maximize productivity, six to eight hours of sleep is recommended.  
  5. Stay Motivated: To maintain a healthy lifestyle, it is important to set goals and keep a positive mindset. Protect your mental health!
  6. Obey COVID-19 Regulations: We are in trying times. Hygiene is paramount. Please, maintain social distancing, wear a face mask and wash your hands frequently for your wellbeing and the good of others.


Edobor Francis is an Associate Solutions Architect of Lead Resources. He is a graduate of Accounting. He is also a Sports Enthusiast, so when he’s not working, you can find him on a football pitch.

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