LEAD Resources partners’ Mercer/Mettl to provide assessment solutions for hiring, training and development, and enable recruiting and L&D (Learning and Development) easy, time effective and cost efficient.

Mettl is an online platform that provide skills assessments for corporate clients and individuals for hiring and training and development. Mettl provides a pre-existing testing library and also customized test for specific needs of the employer. Mettl proctoring technology enables cheating preventions using facials and keystrokes recognition to verify the test taker and monitor candidates using the webcam.

LEAD Resources partnering with Mercer/Mettl is to connect the right talents to the right companies because conventional interviews are getting replaced with digital assessment tools. Mettl assessment provides skills assessment, proctoring and online assessments such as 360-degree assessment, psychometric tests, domain tests, coding tests, hackathons, cognitive tests, speech proficiency tests, L&D solutions and many other battery of tests to make human development, recruiting and profiling a meaningful and easy experience for companies to identify the right employee and individuals to become better version of themselves


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