Introduction to Python and Machine Learning

LEAD Resources Hosts Data Science and Machine Learning Course

LEAD Resources, Nigeria’s Strategic Human Capital Development Social Enterprise, partnered with Data Science Nigeria to empower the youths with hands-on skills to compete favourably in the global market.

Seeing as education is an indispensable tool in human capital development, one of the ways of truly empowering a people is by delivering relevant trainings to the youths per time.

Hence, LEAD Resources, in conjunction with Ogun Tech Hub and Data Science Nigeria, hosted a 6-week intensive Data Science course titled “Introduction to Python and Machine Learning” at Kobape, Ogun state.

At the beginning of the training, the Chief Solutions Architect of LEAD Resources, Mr. Kehinde Sogunle rendered a welcome address, admonishing all aspiring Data Scientists to maximize the opportunity given them to learn Data Science, Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence.

He emphasized the relevance of these skills in the world today and the corresponding irrelevance of many organizations that have failed to acquire and engage such practical, digital knowledge.

During the course, the participants were introduced to “Kaggle,” the “Facebook for Data Scientists,” where they interacted with real industry data sets with the aim of acquiring ranked proficiency in optimizing data.

They were given access to a 4-terabyte knowledge box containing Data Science videos, e-books and data sets. Also, participants who performed excellently in optimizing real industry data sets were given the premiere Beginners’ Artificial Intelligence book in Africa.

In line with LEAD Resources’ value of learning, a host of her Solutions Architects took advantage of the training. For example, Lead Solutions Architect, Mr. Olusanya (Former Rector, Adegbenro ICT Polytechnic, Abeokuta) was in attendance.

LEAD Resources Partners with Data Science Nigeria
Associate Solutions Architects, LEAD Resources

Other Associate Solutions Architects such as Mr. Oyebola Simeon, Mr. Itua Emmanuel, Mr. Osadiaye Paul and Miss Ogundare Oluwabunmi also maximized the 6-week intensive course.

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