When I think about values, what comes to mind is integrity, competence and objectivity. You know, our values are adopted by practice, not inherited per se… 

Integrity, by definition, is honesty and truthfulness or accuracy of one’s actions. It is having strong moral principles and ethics. It is consistency in words and actions. It stands in opposition to hypocrisy. It is one of the values that give life to competence in the workplace. Integrity is the driving force of positive change in any society. There’s no need to look too far to see this – see our leadership in Nigeria.

Having integrity does not make you a superhero, capable of doing everything, however, it makes you a man or woman of your word. Because people who lack integrity don’t stand by their words, they tend to get caught up in a web of lies and, the truth is, truth always sees the light of the day (pun intended). So, people who lack integrity basically self-destruct!

In a society such as ours, people of integrity are worth more than rubies. We all are expected to live by a code of conduct. Learn to do the right thing, keep your word and stay true to yourself. This is a choice you should make and continue to make every moment of your life. 


Folakemi Oyeyemi is an Associate Solutions Architect at Lead Resources, a strategic human capital development social enterprise that helps organizations become the best they can be using world-class tools and practices. She is a Mathematician and is also passionate about entrepreneurship.

3 thoughts on “Integrity”

  1. Elkanah oluyori

    Very true. Integrity is a core of positive social interactions.

    This a simple and valid content. Great work Ms. Folakemi Oyeyemi.

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