The conference started at exactly 2:30pm and the participants (Obot Essiet, Aminat Rabiu, Khadijat Oyedumade and Bunmi Ibironke) briefed the project members about the previous meeting outcomes and details of Abeokuta Business School (ABS)

The following are what were discussed at the brainstorming session.


Date: Tuesday, 24th March 2020

Venue: Abeokuta Business School

Time: 10am-1pm

The cost implications were shared between ABS and Lead resources i.e., all the necessary arrangement to be taken care of at the planned Free Seminars for the program and they are as follows:

Abeokuta Business School Lead resources
Fliers Facilitators
Venue Marketing

Also, it was discussed that there should be a deadline for the registration of the free seminar in order to plan ahead and as well as to know the total number of participants that will be coming for the seminar and the date selected was 17th of March.

Marketing and Data collection: it was discussed at the conference that the participant’s data will be collected from ABS Database, Government ministries and parastatals, Private organizations and banking Industries.

Also, the channels for marketing the seminar include: social media platforms, Emails, ABS Database, Fliers, WhatsApp broadcast and Bulk SMS.

Data Collection – this will be done through the use of Google Forms which the link will be sent to the participants through the various channels for proper planning and registration of the participants.

The Agenda for the event, logistics as well as the theme were discussed while the key note speakers were left for K.S to decide on.

At the end of the brainstorm, Aminat Rabiu delegated the task to Obot Essiet to Develop the concept notes and Bunmi Ibironke to make social media post on or before Friday.

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