Lead resources popularly known as the first hub in Ogun state has finally taken a giant step to partner with the world largest entrepreneurship organization of Africa’s Young Entrepreneurs (A.Y.E).

The Lead Resources Chief Solution Architect, Mr. Kehinde Sogunle expects this partnership to support Africa entrepreneurs, adding more positive attributes to their businesses such as Business Growth, Access to Financing, Pitching of Business Ideas to Investors, having a bankable Business Plan, having more opportunities to monitor their businesses from startup to scale up and be able to create jobs for job seekers.

All these have been packaged in a product called AFRIPRENEUR TOOLKIT, which encompasses the aforementioned attribute. Proposed to be a Master Class Training (Boot camp) for the entrepreneurs in supporting the Mission One Million Entrepreneurs (M1ME) Scholarship initiative run by A.Y.E

A.Y.E operational manager (Mr. Paul) and Deputy National Head of A.Y.E (Mr. Edward) were on seat for the partnership discussion. Mr. Paul said the partnership is a welcomed initiative that will bring about more changes to the organization.

In addition to the meeting it was suggested that the partnership with Lead Resources will be effective to pilot A.Y.E members; starting from southwest Nigeria, likewise enrolling the entrepreneurs on the First Entrepreneurs Trust Fund platform proposed to help them save and invest more in their business as entrepreneurs.

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