What to know about us

Lead Resources is a strategic human capital development social enterprise with a focus on governance enterprise and technology hinged on generating opportunities, stimulating innovation and creating solutions to address challenges in our polity. Its mission is to support people, organizations and governments to be the best they can be by using principles, practices, tools and techniques that are world class.

Who we are

LEAD (Learning, Enterprise and Development) Resources is the first innovation hub in Ogun State, Nigeria. We are Nigeria's Strategic Development Center with a deliberate focus on Governance, Enterprise and Technology hinged on Learning & Innovation in Africa. We serve as a co-working and incubation space for technologists, social enterpreneurs, government, tech start-ups and impact investors in and around ogun State.

Our Core Area of Focus

Our current efforts are centered on governance, enterprise and technology hinged on learning and innovation in africa.

Why LEAD Resources

At LEAD Resorces, you will do more than prepare for the next step in your career or entrepreneurship endeavour. You will develop the world view, strategic skills, and leadership capacity to master the complex global challenges that face players in your field.

Track Records

Since our inception, we have developed significant traction and mindshare in Ogun State towardss developing a sustainable ecosystem for technology and entrepreneurial development activities.

  • Established in 2016 at Abeokuta, the first innovation hub that serves as a co-working and incubation nspace for technologists, social entreprenuers, government, tech start-ups, and impact investors in and around Ogun State.

  • Facilitated the introduction of Google Digital Skills programme to Ogun State through which over 10000 participants were trained that stimulated various activities by youths in the digital marketing space.
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