Our Approach


To support people, organisations and governments to be the best they can be by using principles, practices, tools and techniques that are world class.

LEAD (Learning, Enterprice and Development) Resources is the first innovation hub in Ogun state, Nigeria. We are Nigeria's strategic development center with a deliberate focus on Governance, Enterprice and Technology hinged on learning innovation in Africa. We serve as a co-working and incubation space for technologists, social entrepreneurs, government, tech start-ups and impact investors in and around Ogun state.

Develop the next generation of nigeria entrepreneurs and innovators.

Prepare and empower the youths for life after formal education through accelerated capacity building and life skill acquisition.

Build a strong pipeline of skills to grow the entrepreneural and technology ecosystem.

Attract outstanding talent and expertise from within the community seeking to further develop their products.

Stimulates a competitive spirit towards rapid readiness for market products.

Connect with local and international community of developers, hubs, financiers and global technology players.